Accident Prone | Jesse Lacey (Jawbreaker cover)

Better Way | Turnstile

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Sleeping Sickness | City and Colour

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Moshi Moshi | Brand New

I think I’m crazy, baby,
Let you off the hook too easy.
If you were a telephone,
You’d still be off the hook.
This is my last leg,
Been awake for days.
In a minute I’ll die of starvation.
I’ll come back a ghost
If I can haunt you,
And float around your room.
What do I do when you get close?
If I kissed your neck,
Would you slit my throat?

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15 May 13 at 6 pm

Under The Affluence | Dangers

Just debt, regret, empty nest, a broken back.
I was not worth throwing away all of your dreams.

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15 May 13 at 6 pm

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Dog | Lemuria

At least I can say I tried with you.

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Please Stay | The Cryin’ Shames

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100$ Bill | Jay-Z

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Happy Together | Filter

The use of this song in the trailers for The Great Gatsby.

I melt.

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Always Ten Feet Tall | Saves The Day

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Do You Love Me Like You Used To? | Best Coast

I wake up to the morning sun,
When did my life stop being so fun?
Wish I could care about someone
The way I used to,
When will this be done?

I’m always crying on the phone
Because I know that I’ll end up alone.
Lord please forgive me for my sins,
I didn’t mean it, I just wanted to win.

Do you love me like you used to?
Do you? Do you? Do you?

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Jailbirds | Cold War Kids

My solitude, it makes me softer.

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Brilliant Dancer | Lemuria

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Unfold | The Xx

Out of sight, out of mind.
Doesn’t mean you’re not mine.
The feeling goes on and on.

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